High Probability

Trading, At Your Fingertips

Our System takes the emotion and inconsistency out of trading, once and for all.  No more spending hours analyzing charts. when it can be done in 15 minutes or less.


High Probability Trading At Your Fingertips

Finally a system designed to help you trade 100% on your mobile phone.

Use These 3 Tactics To Become A More Consistent & Profitable FOREX Trader

Without having these three items in place, you will never success as a FOREX Trader, it's as simple as that.



A proven strategy is critically important to become a successful FOREX trader.  Without this, trading is nothing more then a guessing game.  Most traders believe they have a sound strategy, but they don't.  With us, you'll learn the most widely used strategy by professional traders - The Bollinger Bands.


A strategy alone won't help.  Simple rules to follow are your guardrails to keep you in place.  When you follow our rules, you will watch your win rate sky rocket.  You'll learn patients, and how to easily cherry pick the best trade setups.


Having a system in place will take the emotion and anxiety out of trading.  Our system was designed to allow you to step away from your trading station.  You will be alerts only when the best setup are happening.  No more staring at your screen, waiting all day long.  Go out, enjoy life, have fun, our system will let you know when it's time to take action.  Combined with the 5+ hours of training, you'll learn exactly when and how to fully maximize our system to your benefit.

Our System Contains Each Of The Following Benefits

5+ Hours Of Video Training

Finally learn how to properly use the Golden Road.  So many people have this indicator, so few know how to actually use it.

Reliable H1 Alerts

You will only receive alerts on the hourly chart for currency pairs.  No more un reliable alerts on lower time frames.

Trade Anywhere

Our system will allow you to trade anywhere.  All you need is our alerts and Mobile MT4, no longer feel bound to your trading station.

Live Trade Analysis

You'll be able to watch me over my should as I analyze alerts and trades under live conditions, not a simulated environment.

Screen Shot Of Actual Price

Our alerts are more than just #'s of price and entry points.  You will receive a detailed screen shot and necessary info with every alert.

Bollinger Bands

Finally tap into the power of Bollinger Band trading, you already know Bollinger Bands works, now make them work for you.

Using this system, I Passed the FTMO Challenge With a 97% Win Rate

Our high probability trading system, with training can give you an edge for FTMO, or any prop firm trading company.  Most people fail because they get impatient, and take trades they should never take.  Our service and training will allow you to gain necessary knowledge and peace of mind when trading under specific criteria.  Will you pass with a 97% Winrate? Probably not, everything has to be aligned.  Market Conditions, your trading psychology and ability to be patient are KEY.

This Is My FOREX Lifestyle

What will your lifestyle be?  Next year, your life can be materially different if you put in the effort, invest in yourself, and take trading seriously.  Being a FOREX Trader has granted me freedom that I never thought possible, it can happen a lot sooner than you think.  I'm not sharing this to brag, I'm simply sharing what the FOREX Lifestyle can be.  It is a sweet life filled with Love, Family, Happiness & Toys.


How This All Started

I did not set out to create a system to share with the world.  I originally developed this technology for my own personal benefit.  I wanted to ability to trade anywhere, whether I was in an airport, the grocery store or the car pool line picking up my kids.  

Traditionally, trading means you must be in front of your screen, I wanted to change that.  Over the course of several months, I worked with my team of developed to build a mobile trading tool that would send me high probable alerts based on my trading system that has been proven to work.

My background is in Corporate Finance, I spent many years helping companies create millions of dollars, in 2017 I left that world to become a FOREX Trader.  I've been a rules based trader ever since. 


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